The anti vibration foam mat is designed to isolate vibrations, offering a protective solution for both, buildings and machinery.

As well as offering isolation for vibrations, our Vibrafoam and Vibradyn is designed to offer additional insulation, making any property feel more comfortable. Our range of anti-vibration isolation materials is perfect if you’re looking for high-quality soundproofing.

In terms of reliability, you cannot go wrong with our Damtec Vibrafoam and Vibradyn, designed to suit your specific requirements. Here at Inspired Noise, we make sure that any anti-vibration materials are manufactured to the highest quality possible, ultimately reducing wear and tear.

When it comes to making an area more comfortable, the Damtec Vibrafoam and Vibradyn are ideal, they can even protect instruments, ensuring that they last.

The Vibrafoam is one of the insulation mats that we supply, at Inspired Noise, supplied in an assortment of thicknesses to offer high efficiency. Vibradyn UK is also one of the most effective materials that we supply, here at Inspired Noise, preventing vibration and designed to suit the requirements of most high demands!

For more information about our anti-vibration foam mats, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts today!