Reduced vibration contributes to more efficient operation and longer life of buildings and costly machinery.

Inspired Noise (UK) Ltd delivers access to an unrivalled portfolio of anti-vibration and structural isolation solutions with high performance systems which substantially reduce vibration and noise transmission.

Vibrafoam Vibration Isolation Material



Vibrafoam provides effective protection against vibration and shock. This High-tech polyurethane elastomer can be used as two-dimensional matting for decoupling components, as a blank according to the respective component geometry or as custom-made moulding. We offer a wide range of 13 standard materials and also offer the possibility to produce special types in various colours and thicknesses to suit your requirements.

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material.pdf

EFFECTIVENESS: Manufactured from CR(NEOPRENE®)  particles and then compressed,  the Tabiasorber can be furnished into different versions depending on its use.

VERSATILITY: The TABIABSORBER can be furnished in two different versions depending on its use.



INS ISOSheet is a medium density, closed cell structure foam material. Specifically designed for moderate vibration control, it offers a cost effective solution for applications such as machine tools, printing presses and grinders.

As the material is not subject to deterioration through water absorption and wicking, its natural frequency and isolation characteristics remain constant over time.

The natural frequency is dependent on the load and material specified, ranging from 12Hz to 50Hz.


  • Maintains natural frequency and performance over time
  • Natural frequency ranges from 12Hz to 50Hz
  • Cost effective moderate vibration control
  • Limits the transmission of higher frequency disturbances
  • Provides isolation from ambient and induced shock and vibration
  • Impervious to chemicals
  • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures and time
  • Available in range of thicknesses and sheet sizes
  • Quick and easy to install

Physical Information

Material composition: Medium density, closed cell structure foam

Standard sheet sizes

INS  05M 2.75m x 600mm x 12.5mm
INS 10M 2.75m x 600mm x 25mm
INS 20M 2.75m x 600mm x 50mm
INS 10H 2.75m x 600mm x 25mm
INS 20H 2.75m x 600mm x 50mm

Rubber Blocks and Mats

There is a variety of mats available in different sizes, rubber grades and hardness. The most classic use is for damping high frequency vibrations without the need for anchoring machinery to the floor . The user cuts them to the relevant size and can apply them to the base of the machine using an adhesive, or simply placing them under the base of the machine as required. In cases where contact with oils is foreseen, this should be indicated on the order. The mat will be suitably elastic or anti-skid, depending on the different models. 

Mecanocaucho Blocks

These are square anti vibration mounts which are ideal for installation without the need of any type of attachment or floor anchoring.