High Performance Areas

Acoustic, vibration and shock control within new and existing gym and leisure facilities is becoming more and more a necessity as they can be very noisy places with numerous exercise equipment, aerobics, dance and weights areas all of which can transmit impact energy and structure borne noise to other parts of the building

Activities such as free weights being dropped onto the floor, resistance machines, tread mills, boxing classes, aerobics classes and their sound systems have long been causes for unwanted noise, vibration and shock.

Inspired Noise Solutions have successfully isolated individual items of gym equipment, dance floors and entire gym areas. We can advise on the best way to tackle impact noise from running, weights, sports and dancing or airborne noise from music and operating equipment.

iNSpira Acoustic Matting

Product Information

iNSpira Acoustic Matting.pdf

iNSpira Acoustic Matting can be used above most lath and plaster and resiliently fixed double plasterboard ceilings to bring the overall floor /ceiling construction up to the standards of Approved Document E (2003)


  • Meets Part E of the Building Regulations for BOTH airborne and impact noise
  • Improves airborne sound insulation
  • Simply laid under most floor finishes
  • Easily cut and shaped
  • Suitable for over timber or concrete floor structures

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay

Product Information

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay.pdf

iNSpira Tri-Lay  is designed for timber floor applications (but can also be used for concrete floors) that require additional airborne and impact noise insulation. This high performance composite is a sandwich laminate of two layers of WB7.5 acoustic barrier separated by a 10mm layer of cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam.

iNSpira Tri-Lay Eco is designed for concrete floor applications (but can also be used for timber floors) that require mainly impact noise insulation and to a lesser extent, airborne noise insulation. It is a two layer laminate, the upper being  WB7.5 acoustic barrier supported by a 10mm  cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam.


Our iNSpira Tri-Lay acoustic underlay system is an excellent under-carpet noise barrier reducing both airborne and impact noise for existing floors and is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications, efficiently limiting the passage of noise through the floor.

Our iNSpira Tri-Lay acoustic underlay system is ideal for new, retrofit or renovation projects in offices, homes and hotel applications as it is so easy to fit.


  • Improves airborne sound insulation
  • Suitable for all final noise transmission
  • Reduces impact noise transmission
  • Tested on basic floor constructions
  • Thin, easy to handle tiles
  • Flexible and easily cut
  • Simple to install
  • Cost effective

INSportmat Elastic Rubber

Product Information

The performance of a sports floor is important for an athletics sporting success. An optimal environment also takes into consideration the maximum amount of safety for the athlete by ensuring a minimum amount of risk of injury. Important performance criterion includes maximum durability elasticity, and high shock absorption. INSportmat elastic rubber is the perfect solution for professional applications such as sport arenas, fitness centres, gymnastic facilities, free weight areas, ice skating rinks or trade exhibition centres.


  • Easy Installation
  • Uniform Elasticity
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Athlete protection
  • High resistibility
  • Environmentally friendly

Technical Data

  • Application: Rubber flooring with EPDM
  • Material type: Rubber and EPDM Granulate bonded with a cold cured PUR
  • Colour: Black-blue, -red, -green, -yellow, -orange
  • Mass density kg/m3 * DIN EN ISO 845 1000kg/m3 +/-5%
  • Dimensions: Rolls: Width 1 ,25m; length according to demand
  • Material Thickness: 3-15mm (others on request)
  • Tensile strength * DIN EN ISO 1978 > 65%
  • Abrasion: > 7.2 N/mm
  • Strain Hardness: at 5N max. 200 mm3
  • Hardness: 55 - 65 Shore A
  • Pressure deformation module: max. 200mm3
  • Fire classification: B2


Product Information

Sports and Health awareness are increasing the popularity of Sports Halls for a range of activities such as ball games, for example football, handball, volleyball, badminton and netball to aerobic and circuit training in Gymnasium areas. INS Gym PUR is a shock absorbing PU coated surface designed for this environment. INS Gym PUR is an ideal and all-round Safety and Quality First Sports Surface, the elastic underlay provide optimum durability and safety. They cushion Players' joints and ligaments, promote performance, in practice or in competition.

INS Gym PUR is a Sports Floor system made up of a 2mm PU Coating on a 7mm Recycled Rubber prefabricated mat, which in turn, is bonded to the subfloor.


  • Recycled Rubber
  • Excellent Ball Bounce Action
  • Suitable for Floor Heating
  • Provide security in the substructure
  • Not water-sensitive
  • Uniform Elasticity
  • Supports Maximum Performance
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Clean

Colour Code

  • Saffron Yellow C 1017
  • Grey Beige C1019
  • Oxide Red C3009
  • Beige Red C3012
  • Antique Pink C3014
  • Azure Blue C5009
  • Light Blue C5012
  • Pigeon Blue C5014
  • Sky Blue C5015
  • Patel Blue C5024
  • Reseda Green C6011
  • May Green C6019
  • Pale Green C6021
  • Stone Grey C7030
  • Silver Grey C7001
  • Pepple Grey C7032
  • Platinum Grey C7036
  • Ocher Brown C8001

Technical Data

  • Material : Fine rubber granules and recycled rubber fibres bonded
  • with polyurethane elastomer
  • Relative Density : 770kg/m3
  • Material Strength : 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12mm (+ /-0.3mm)
  • Width : 1m x 1,25m - (+ /- 1.5%)
  • Colours : See Above
  • Tensile Strength : 0.6MPa >> DIN 53571
  • Elongation at tear : 60% >> DIN 53571
  • Force reduction : 8mm = 27% / 10MM
  • Standard deformation : 8mm = 1mm